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Is the Townapps business model right for you? 

Townapps have a number of different partners

Entrepreneur Opportunities

Townapps offers you the opportunity to break free from the restraints of a boring 9-5 job where you are working for someone else who is benefiting from the profits brought in by you or are you looking for that extra income,. We in Townapps believe people want more from life if only they are given a chance.

Townapps are giving you that chance. An opportunity to build your own business with a very low investment, some overheads but great returns for the right people who aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work at the beginning of the business. You will know that this effort will benefit you and your family in the long run.

Townapps believe that our licensee model offers you the opportunity to have substantial returns from your investment. The smart device industry is the fastest growing industry in the world and mobile advertising spend is growing rapidly whilst most other forms of advertising are dwindling.

Why wait give us a call now and have a chat with one of our sales team members and you could be on the road to a new career helping your town and community grow  while making a considerable income

  • This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a mobile advertising revolt.
  • Your opportunity to purchase the limited Townapps license for your town or community.
  • The possibility to secure your families future building a business that is actually pleasurable and satisfying to run.
  • Your future is NOW– if someone else from your town or community gets in first, There is only one licence per town or area!

Local Business Groups

Chamber of Commerce or other business networking groups are very successful using the TownApps Business model to develop business opportunities for their members. TownApps has a number of business groups that successful advertise their member businesses on the app, offer special offers and vouchers through the app.This is a perfect opportunity for a progressive business group that wants to offer added value to its members using modern cutting edge technology.

Local Government

Town Councils, tourism organizations and local municipalities use TownApps to promote local business, provide information on local amenities, whats on and to develop specialised services to the community.

Local Media Outlets

Newspapers and radio stations have an established revenue base for selling advertising, this is an additional platform to sell advertising and provided added value to your client base.

Personally the relationship with the TownApps team has always been an easy one. Very approachable and adaptable and always open to suggestions and ideas. Because of this, we are sure Cavan App will continue to be a success.

Claire Gilligan

Anglo Celt Newspaper

We are looking for entrepreneurs who:


  • Are serious about building a business/brand and have time and capital to invest in building a business.
  • Are looking for business opportunities utilizing the Internet, mobile apps and social media.
  • Are interested in collecting information on events, news, special interest, businesses, services in local community.
  • Have sales, marketing and business development skills.

Build a business with Townapps:


  • Collect information on local events, restaurants, news – anything you’d like to have on your app.
  • Sell local business directory listings.
  • Promote local businesses and organizations on the app for a fee.
  • Sell special offer and vouchers through the app.
  • Collect the advertising money.

What Townapps provides to YOU:

Mobile application (iPhone app and Google Android app).
An easy way for you to place listings onto your apps (Content Management System).
Sales, marketing and public relations support.
Built-in social media promotion tools.
Training and mentoring program.
Step-by-step video tutorials to get you started and help your business grow.

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