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Connemara Goes Mobile

2016 research by the Connemara Programme showed that over 82% of visitors to Connemara had a mobile device. 95% used those devices before and during their visit to Connemara.

To service this market the Connemara Programme has released the ALL Connemara mobile app for Android and Apple smartphones. A full overview of the App is available at

2016 saw the completion of the 4G roll out in the Connemara area. This, along with the fact that search engines now prioritize native mobile results and big improvements in online mapping technologies, makes mobile one of the most potent, responsive and cost effective channels for satisfying the information needs of local rural residents, businesses and visitors. services.

In addition, all Chrome books (now outselling laptops and tablets) released from 2017 on will be able to use and display mobile apps downloaded from the Google Play store. This means that value of building an android mobile app is greatly increased and its market reach improved.

Added to this is the rapid fall in the cost of developing native mobile apps. New simple development tools are becoming available which should encourage positioning mobile based information solutions at the core of any Rural Information System (RIS) development strategy.

The ALL Connemara app is available free from the Apple and Google App stores.


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