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We are please to announce the release and update of the Wexford App. The new updates include Whats On in Wexford an great way to find out what is on and what is happening in Wexford. Trails have now been included into the app this first trail shows all the churches in Wexford town with pictures and information this is a great way to find your way around the town of Wexford, while learning some history of Wexford.
With an updated news feature this tells you all the local news in and around Wexford.
The main part of the app shows all the local businesses in Wexford from Where to Stay, where to Shop, Services and Where to Eat. The Wexford App is your local guide to Wexford helping locals and visitors find their way around Wexford. We recommened that you download the app to show you what Wexford has to offer in and around the county not just Wexford town.

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