A LOOK AT 2019

In 2019 Townapps finalized and exciting new platform build for their apps. This greatly enhances features that were already built into the previous build and also includes a number of enhancements.

The flexibility now offered allows an app to be developed using a simple web based dashboard. Menu and sub-menu listings can be created to best represent the desired objective within the app. Likewise category and sub category choices can now be custom tailored to cater to the specific content that the app is designed to deliver.

Inclusion of an expanded number of fields for social media platforms has also been achieved.

A feature that enables the creation of editable trails that are displayed on a Google Map, adds an important new dimension. This facility can embed YouTube Video and also provide audio streams, in addition to images.

In context of presenting visitors to a locale, sightseeing and tourist attraction locations, the app allows points of interest to be pinned with imagery, descriptive text, audio and video links.

The administrator of the app, through the user friendly dashboard, can edit all content in the app and changes are reflected when a user next launches the app. This allows for dynamic updating of information, especially where changes need to be published urgently. For example, should portion of a trail need to be closed due to weather or other circumstance, the way-point(s) can be temporarily hidden from display.

Push notifications continue to be an integral of the app and redirection to a payment platform is now also integrated.

In 2019 Townapps exhibited at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in Quebec City and enjoyed a very high level of interest. Townapps will be exhibiting at the 2020 FCM conference in Toronto June 4 – 6 2020.

Looking forward to working with you in 2020 and beyond.

The Townapps team

For more information contact info@townapps.ca 613 413-0979