App Marketing : How to Promote Your App – Part 1

So you have your new Townapps mobile app and now need ways to get the word out there. In this series we will share top tips on how to promote your app. We know marketing budgets can be a tight squeeze when starting out so you’ll be glad to hear promoting your local app doesn’t need to break the bank. In fact, here are some easy app marketing techniques that needn’t cost a penny!

Leverage the power of your website

In order to increase the number of downloads of your app try including the app on your community’s website via a blog. This will generate more traffic towards your own website too and better promote the aspects of your town that you want to show to the world. Of course including a download link to the app on your webpage is a nice way of making it easy to access for any potential users so don’t forget to include it in your blog!

Email local businesses directly

Let shop owners, managers or anyone else listed in the app that they’re in it! Emailing someone directly is a more personal and traditionally professional means by which to communicate. Those businesses and people in turn can advertise the app within their shop to let their customers know that they have a brand new way to connect with their business. Emailing also provides the local partners and users an avenue by which to give feedback on your Townapps App.

Add a download link in your email signature

Additionally, it never hurts to have a download link to the app included in your email signature. It short tracks the process from hearing about the app for the first time to actually obtaining the app in no more than a few clicks.

Social calls

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to grow your customer base in a more personal manner. Informing listed businesses included in your Townapp and spreading news of the potential benefits to other prospective businesses in your area is an old fashioned but sure way to garner attention and feedback from both end users and business partners. This applies in particular to smaller communities where people know each other and can share an insight into how the app has helped their business.

Get press attention.

It is a tremendous advantage if the local press and journalists know about the app and can push forward the important details. Reaching out to journalists either local, regional or country-wide will help generate positive noise about the app.

If you found our article useful, stay tuned for App Marketing : How to Promote Your App – Part 2 coming soon!