Case Studies- Linlithgow App- Trails/Heritage

Trail/ Heritage App
The Linlithgow App gives information to visitors and local residents about Linlithgow and its immediate surroundings. It is provided by Pride & Passion Linlithgow supported by funding from Alan Steel Asset Management. Linlithgow is an attractive historic town with lots to see and do. With our partners Pride & Passion Townapps have brought an app on both Android and ios that show all the local businesses and trails in and around Linlithgow. Have a great visit!

To bring the current app in carousel format to our new drop down format to include trails which are based on geo location and live map feeds. The current trails on the app are static photos of area and little or no information on the location.
Townapps were given the challenge of making an app that would help support what Pride & Passion were doing in bringing more visitors to Linlithgow. In doing this app we were to highlight the trails and local businesses.
Townapps had to develop a new coding to bring the trails into the app as the old code would not work within the new app configuration.
What has been achieved is an app with three very detailed trails; one of the trails has 48 points of interest. With all businesses updated there has been an increase of 6% of new users since the launch of the new features.