Welcome our Partner – Linlithgow

                 TownApps UK would like to welcome our newly launched Linlithgow Town Guide App brought to you by our Partners, Pride and Passion. A voluntary organisation whose aim is to develop a tourism culture in Linlithgow. It is inspiring and engaging the community in making more of tourism, to the social and economic benefit of those living and working in the town.

                Located in the north-east of West Lothian, 30 km west of Edinburgh along the main route to Glasgow its history goes back to the 12th century when King David was in charge. It was a well-established town with a mansion and a church having Malcolm IV and William the Lion occasionally staying in the town.

Available for free download, The Linlithgow App allows users to track historic trails and relive the interesting history of Linlithgow or discover any upcoming events with our ‘’What’s on” section. It also has new additional “Parking” feature that along with the “Weather” section allows you to plan your trips in advance.


The Linlithgow App is full of helpful information’s for both locals and new visitors to Linlithgow. It offers a rich list of local businesses and any of their ongoing offers.

The new Linlithgow App is now available for free download on Android and iOS.

For more information’s about how our app platform and mobile visitor guide, please contact mail@linlithgow.com