Welcome our Partner – Mobility Mojo

TownApps UK would like to welcome our newly launched Mobility Mojo App. Mobility Mojo is a user generated app and website for accessible travel. Focusing on accessibility users can find and share personal tried and tested knowledge about accessible destinations.

Since February 2016 Mobility Mojo’s volunteers have been out and about on the streets of Dublin gathering key data on the accessibility features of selected premises.

Until now, information around disabled access has been fragmented, unreliable and difficult to find.

But now Mobility Mojo takes the hassle out of travel for people with reduced mobility by focusing on the good rather than the bad and the ugly, making travelling a lot easier and enjoyable.

Mobility Mojo is an innovative technology solution for accessibility powered by a new EU open source software platform. Designed by Townapps.ie our easy to use layout allows users to navigate the site effortlessly.

We believe ‘Good Access is Good for Business’ and Mobility Mojo strives to promote accessible travel information from both the users and from businesses who can also highlight the excellent accessible features in their premises.


Available for free download, the iOS Mobility Mojo App allows users to find out about accessible hotels, attraction, places to eat or drink in Dublin within seconds.

For more information’s about how our app platform and website please contact info@mobilitymojo.ie